Skipper’s Pack

Our Skipper’s pack provides the essentials that you need to get you boating. Save 10% of the RRP – Bundle includes 2 x adult life jackets, 1 x Western Almanac 2018, 1 x Imray Chart portfolio, Bristol Channel Cruising Guide plus navigation equipment and a mayday card.

Additional Adult (crewsaver 180N pro or 165n Sport) and Junior life jackets can be added as extras.

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Crewsaver Crewfit 180N Pro lifejacket

The Crewsaver Crewfit 180N Pro Lifejacket is the first of its kind, an everyday boating lifejacket designed using 3D technology to radically increase comfort levels. Successful integration of a high volume shaped bladder design, a peninsula chin support and increased buoyancy to 180N provides you with maximum in water performance. The Crewfit 180N Pro wraps all of these safety features into a fun, stylish, 3D shaped and super comfy cover.


Reeds Almanac 2018 (Western/Channel/Eastern)

Reeds Spiral Bound Almanacs come in 3 areas - Western, Channel and Eastern.

Temporarily unavailable


Imray Bristol Channel Portfolio - 2600

12 spiral bounds sheets (including marina/port plans) for Trevose Head to St David’s Head including the River Severn


Bristol Channel Cruising Guide

Full colour Cruising Guide Milford Haven to St Ives including the Navigable Severn to Worcester



Only 1 left in stock


Portland Plotter and Divider Set

Portland Course Plotter & Divider Kit includes a Course Plotter, 7-inch Single-Handed Divider and comprehensive instructions.

£20.69 inc VAT

Out of stock


Mayday Cockpit Card

This Mayday card takes the user through the DSC Alert and the spoken Mayday procedure, to be kept near your VHF DSC radio. The plastic lamination allows for important details such as vessel name and MMSI number to be written on the actual card.

£2.25 inc VAT

Crewsaver Crewfit 150N Junior Lifejacket – optional

The Crewfit 150N Lifejacket is the first 3D designed lifejacket for juniors, helping to ensure your little one remain as comfortable as possible when out on the water. Safety is paramount on the Crewfit 150N junior, a unique bladder design with a peninsular chin support offers the most advanced performance solutions available today.

Crewsaver Crewfit 165N Sport lifejacket – optional

Crewsaver’s Crewfit 165N Sport lifejacket uses the latest 3D technology to ensure maximum comfort levels. 165 newtons of buoyancy enable you to float higher in the water, with an inflatable chin support pushing any of that water away from your airway, even in the harshest conditions. Also included is an oral tube, so if the lifejacket fails to inflate, you can inflate it manually. Next to that oral tube is a whistle, this along with the reflective tape can help the man overboard be located, regardless of the amount of light. The lifejacket’s lifting becket can then be used to pull the man overboard back to safety.

This product is currently unavailable.


Our Skipper’s Pack provides great value for money for the essentials that you need to get you boating.

Safety Equipment: Our flexible bundle includes 2 x Crewsaver 180N Pro life jacket (adult) with additional Crewsaver 180N Pro, 165N Sport and Juniors (Crewsaver 150N) available as additional options.

Charts and Publications: This bundle includes an essential Reed’s Almanac 2018 (Choose Western, Channel or Eastern), Imray Bristol Channel Chart portfolio, Bristol Channel and Severn Cruising Guide along with a Portland Navigation Plotter and divider set and an essential vessel mayday card.

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Crewsaver Crewfit 180N Pro lifejacket

Reeds Almanac 2018 (Western/Channel/Eastern)

Crewsaver Crewfit 165N Sport lifejacket


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