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The Odeo Flare is the new alternative to the traditional red pyrotechnic hand-held distress flare. It is similar in size to traditional flares, but instead of using dangerous explosives to burn, it uses battery powered light emitting diodes.

Traditional flares will burn for around 30 seconds before extinguishing: the Odeo Flare™ ‘burns’ for around 5 hours at full illumination.

Ideal for any outdoor activity. Marine, Mountaineering, skiing, expeditions.

Safe, lightweight and high performance LED FLARES

No heat – No flames – No explosive compounds

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Safe LED Technology; No pyrotechnics or flames
Visible from all directions simultaneously
Projects over the the full hemisphere
Multiple LEDs; More power; visibility and redundancy
Over 5 hours of continuous use from one set of batteries
Indefinite shelf life with battery changes – 14 year shelf life with supplied batteries
Search And Rescue aircraft safe
Five thousand hours mean time between failure
1 Odeo Flare = 600 hand held flares
Safe to carry in your back-pack
Electronic circuitry designed for optimum visibility
Made from Salt-Water resistant materials.


Length ; 265 mm
Width : 50 mm
Weight : 330 gm
Coverage: Full upper hemisphere plus 20 degrees below horizontal
Buoyant : Yes
Power Supply : 3 x L91 lithium iron-disulphide cells
Endurance : 6 hours at full illumination, thereafter at reduced power
Light Source : 21 independently driven diodes
Pulse Duration : Programmed flicker with a break to transmit the SOS signal
Packaging : Clear plastic storage tube.

What is the visible range?
In a trial undertaken by Auckland City Police, New Zealand, Auckland Coastguard, who were unaware of the trial, spotted the Odeo Flare at 4nm, reporting it as a distress flare. The Dutch Lifeboat Service, in a trial for Zeilen Magazine, spotted the flare at 4nm, and, in the UK, a moonlit trial undertaken by Yachting Monthly resulted in detection at well in excess of 3nm. So, we say the visible range is 3 nautical miles, more in good conditions.If it gets damaged, how do I dispose of it?
There is no disposal hazard with Odeo Flare. It can be disposed of in landfill as normal household waste and the batteries can be recycled.

If I buy one as a gift, can it be posted?
Yes, there is no problem posting to either UK or overseas addresses. In fact, we use post and air freight as the only methods of despatching the product.

Can I take it on an aircraft?
Yes, it is safe to carry, although the airline will probably want you to put it in your hold baggage.

Will others know it as a distress flare?
Yes. Apart from the flame-like flicker, it also makes the SOS signal as described in Annex 4 to Colregs, and is thus an internationally recognised distress signal. It has similar visual characteristics to a conventional flare, and a piercing light – but, of course, it lasts considerably longer: 5 hours in continuous use, longer if used intermittently.

If I drop it overboard will it float?
Yes. The design team are yachtsmen and this was one of the first considerations, and, of course, it is sealed, so it will not be damaged.

Will it run on any AA batteries?
The Odeo Flare is supplied with Lithium Iron Disulphide batteries, which are readily available in supermarkets. These batteries have the required shelf life and power capacity and will operate over the temperature range -40°C to +60° C. It’s always a good idea to carry a spare set – this will give you an extra 5 hours of continuous use. In an emergency any AA batteries can be used but performance will be degraded.

Can I leave it on board over winter?
Yes, it is ok to store it on board, in a garage or shed for example, provided the temperature range is between -40° to +60°C. The Odeo Flare was designed to be stored on board a boat and is built from materials that will not corrode.

Is the Odeo Flare accepted under SOLAS regulations as an alternative to the hand held flare?
Not yet. However, the Odeo Flare makes a recognised distress signal as described in Annex 4 to the International Rules For The Prevention Of collisions At Sea (Colregs). Until SOLAS rules are change, coded and commercial vessels must still carry pyrotechnic flares.

Does it have an expiry date?
The Odeo Flare is supplied with batteries that have a 14 year shelf life. If the batteries are regularly changed with the correct replacements and the flare is carefully stored it will have a near indefinite life.


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